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Country Music

country music

Music has always been a way of expressing various emotions, be it positive or negative.

Music also helps people socialize and spend time together in a pleasant manner. In the US, the best music for such events is country music, mainly because it’s simple, jolly and cheerful. However not all of country music is simple, happy and playful.

There are some artists, who make more of a brutal sounding kind of the country music. One of them is Hank III, whose father and grandfather were famous country singers too.

In his songs, he often talks about negative issues, such as alcohol and drug abuse and fighting, he calls himself a “Hellbilly”, which is a combination of words hillbilly (meaning a person living in the countryside, it’s often used as a derogatory term) and hell.

Hank III is certainly one of a kind when it comes to this music genre, it’s safe to say that he completely changed the outlook on the country music.

On the other hand, he made new people interested in it, therefore that’s a good thing for the country music artists in general, even though some of them dislike Hank III’s brutal style.

He does not work with other country music artists, but it’s probably for the better, because his style is definitely different and would not fit in well.

To a first time listener, his music would probably sound more like metal than country, because of the brutal lyrics, screams and instruments he uses, but such things are what his devoted fans love his music for.

Hank III is probably the most interesting country artist to ever exist.