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Relaxing music


There are many kinds of music, many genres and subgenres. The most universal, however, seems to be dubstep.

There is a plenty of reasons for which it is so entertaining, mainly because it has so many subgenres, one of them is chillstep, which is very calm sounding and it is a great choice if you are looking for some music to fall asleep to. 
It also helps you relax, because of the smooth sounds and no brutal basslines. 

There are some harsh subgenres there too, for those who like more wild and energezing music however.
The most famous dubstep artist is an american Sony Moore, his stage name is Skrillex. He made dubstep very popular back in 2010 with his album Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.

Skrillex tours around the entire world and plays for his fans, which come in very large numbers.

Each of his songs on Youtube has at least ten to twenty milion views.
No other dubstep artists has managed to achieve such success and 
it’s very possible that noone ever will, mainly because dubstep lost it’s popularity and now genres such as house or electro have managed to take over the mainstream listeners.

Even Skrillex himself stopped making dubstep and switched to those genres, resulting in gaining even more popularity and recognition.

The other famous artist is Flux Pavilion, his song “I can’t stop” has achhieved an amazing number of 71 milion views on Youtube, which is something that very few managed to accomplish. 

His other songs, although, aren’t that iconic, but still great to listen to, the best thing about him is he loves to experiment with music and it always works out great for him.