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The history of record players

record player

Generally speaking people like to listen to music anywhere they go. It used to be really hard to do because music could only be played via stationary record players. Our grandfathers and grandmothers used turntables to play music but they were pretty expensive. To make things worse, the music was recorded on vinyls which, as far as the music quality is concerned, is uncomparable to todays standards. In the 80s SONY came up with a brilliant idea and invented the walkman. What was it? It was a portable music player that could play audio cassettes. It was a stereo player which was itself a huge step forward. Anybody who bought this device could play his favorite music on his way home, school etc. It had one flaw though. It drained batteries pretty fast.

Today we have anything we need to listen to our favorite songs literally anywhere. The revolution has begun with portable music players which could store more than 100 songs in the built in memory at the cd quality. There was no longer demand for neither the out of fashion walkmans nor huge portable cd players that required special cases (or even bagpacks) for huge amount of batterries. Today the portable mp3 players are not separate devices. Every smartphone incorporates mp3 playing functions so there’s no need to produce portable players anymore. The quality of music is as close to perfection as it can only be. You can sit back and relax while listening to the hottest songs from around the globe as any modern smartphone can access internet with ease.